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I am Finding wireless charging guru ▶ Heat comes out while Wireless charging.

Associate III

Hello everyone !

I am using STWBC86 and STWLC38 MCUs, using our own custom board.

The wireless charging was going well, but the problem is this.

[ When charging → put away the RX → put back the RX ] ...▶ the heat comes out from the RX MCU.

Any ideas to solve this issue ? Thank you.


I started increase the load, from 100mA to 1,000mA in 100mA step. The Vout remains stable.

For our product, power could be 1.35 ~ 2.5W or so (300~500mA , by setting Vout 4.5 V - to 5.0 V).

I have to test further, but it seems the problem solved.

Thank You.