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ST62T programming


Hi everybody, I'm new to this forum and have a problem involving an ST62T65CB6 microcontroller. I have been programming PIC chips for a long time and am familiar with the process of reading and writing to memory. My problem is that I have a board with this chip attached, running a CH boiler. The board has developed a fault and I need to understand the programme and be able to read/write and ideally, disassemble the code. Can a member please point me towards an interface (programmer). I have some board development and soldering skills so could manage to build a relatively simple programmer if I could find a schematic but would prefer to source one already built.


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Uwe Bonnes
Principal III

Google "st62 debugger" show that ST had at some point in time had an offering for ST6 Windows Debugger (WGDB6). If you do not find it on the ST site, get into contact with your FAE. Or maybe an ST Employee here has some insight.

May be, but the ST6 was from like 27 years ago.


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Many thanks to both of you. I may have to build a new card with a more modern chip if I can understand the programme flow of the old one but you have given me  a new avenue to follow; I'm ok with building an old pc if necessary if I can find an ST6 Family Programmer with software.