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Pdm mems microphone

Associate III

Hi team, 

I am using MP23DB01HP mems pdm microphone.I am new to this PDM DATA format.i know about pcm.Llease provide information and pseudo code for pdm  to pcm  and vice-versa.

Waiting for ur response...!

Thank u,


Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @Alex_reynold ,

Welcome to ST Community!

I suggest you to read AN5027 and UM2372 which explain what PDM format is and how to interface a PDM microphone to an STM32. They also explain a library dedicated precisely to PDM PCM conversion.

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Thanks for reply,
I went through all documents given in this youtube
But thing I need to how library is actually converting PDM stream to PCM stream.
These documents given what are inputs given to functions and outputs for each function.
""Please provide reply soon  there is long weekend""
Best regards,