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Looking for a 3V accelerometer with built-in Pedometer firmware and recording (LIS2DS12 ?)

Associate II

Hello all, looking forward to answering some questions but first, I bring my own!

We're looking for an ultra-low-power accelerometer that can count and record steps, then push the count when requested.

Implementation will be a remote motion monitor using ESP32 as the main processor. We've found that pedometers work well to capture the motion, but require someone to go out and check each time we need a reading.

We plan to deep-sleep the ESP32 while core functions, like pedometer, remain active.

Then upon waking, the ESP32 will request step count and send results over WiFi, along with some other information.

We're measuring movements, rather than steps, so it would be useful (although not essential) to be able to modify the trigger settings for a step.

Due to the application size (and weight) are priority, so a single low-power chip is preferred.

The LIS2DS12 looks suitable, although will require a logic-level shifter for use with the ESP32.

Is there a 3V option we've overlooked?

Finally, the set up of these is something that none of our team have come across previously. We have found AN4748 which does a reasonable job at explaining, but if there is something akin to a beginners guide, I'd appreciate a push in the right direction!

Thanks for reading, and looking forward to hearing from you.


ST Employee

Hi Ben @BenG142​ ,

you might use the LIS2DUXS12, which is compatible to 3V logic (Vdd-VddIO up to 3.6V), and is pin to pin compatible with the LIS2DS12. Moreover, it has embedded step counter function.

For setting the device, you can refer to the C examples on Github, and in particular to --> lis2duxs12_pedometer.c