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LIS3DH current comsumption

Associate II

Hi team,

I use LIS3DH communicating with MCU over SPI. LIS3DH is used in current critical application. I use ST library to get access to registers. I use Low-Power mode with 1 Hz sample rate and expect to get current draw ~2uA, but instead i get ~27uA. I disabled pull-ups resistors (reg. CTRL_REG0 = 0x90). What might be the problem with current consumption?

ST Employee

Hi @IHlot.1​ , which are your operating Vdd and Vdd_IO, and are you measuring the supply only on these lines? The 2uA is the typical consumption for Vdd = Vdd_IO = 2.5V. Another question is if you are working in continuous mode or in other modes and in general which startup configuration / register values are you using. I suggest you to check the C drivers available on Github for the LIS3DH product, if not already done. Regards

Associate II

Hi, thanks for the support, the problem is already solved.