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LIS2DW12 Anti Tampering Application


I need to develop an application of anti tampering using LIS2DW12 and it's interrupt function. I'm using ST's official library and functions from:

I have already tried a few examples such as wake up, activity, 6D orientation, single/double tap and also tweaked and experimented with many parameters.

The accelerometer is inside a box with a keypad. This box will be fixed to the wall. I need to differentiate button presses from movement of this box such as unfixing the box from the wall. Is that possible to be done using maybe the wake up function?

ST Employee

Hi @GBaue.2​ ,

Maybe a more complex digital structure, like the Finite State Machine (FSM) or the Machine Learning Core (MLC) would be more suitable, if you are trying to detect a specific gesture / vibration pattern, among all the other possibilities. If this is the case, maybe a 6-axis such as LSM6DSOX is more indicated.

If you want to use a single accelerometer such as the LIS2DW12, you might exploit the single tap feature, for which two parameters (a threshold in mg and a duration in ms) can be configured, but has to be fine-tuned on the specific gesture to be recognized. See the Application note AN5038, p.25 and the C example lis2dw12_tap_single.c (the wake-up can only detect a threshold).

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