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Hi, our designers are incorporating pressure sensor LPS22HH in to a product that requires post-assembly washing, prior to conformal coating. I can find very little information in the product literature relating to washing. Is this product washable?


Our standard washing process uses Vigon A201 chemistry at a 15% concentration in D.I. water. The washing solution is heated to 65 deg. C.

Can anyone advise if this part is robust enough to withstand this process, perhaps if it has a post-washing baking cycle.

I understand that the part cannot be confirmally coated but am concerned about the washing process.


These types of question might be better directed at the FAE supporting your account, or via your local sales office.

I would agree that this type of process information would be valuable in the primary documentation.

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ST Employee

Hi @PBart.2​ I agree with clive1 that it is better to contact ST regional FAE. Btw, if the specific pressure sensor is not water resistant or waterproof such as the LPS22HH, the washing process is not recommended. Well, the device could withstand the direct exposure to the washing flow with a good statistics, but it cannot be guaranteed 100%.

On the other side, if your application embeds a water resistant protection structure as described in the AN4672 (p. 14), it's another matter. Regards