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Can not connect to

Associate II

Hello, I just received my and I can download ("Play") an app to the sensor but I can never connect to it in the Device List menu. It never shows up. I am stumped! I have another sensortile that I got in the sensortile kit and I can connect to it just fine. Any help???

Associate III

Hi, do you have installed the last firmware on your And which application are you trying to upload on the board? Maybe if there is an hardware issue such as the SD card not plugged well, if you upload an application that streams data on the SD it can give you errors.

Hi, I have not downloaded the new version of firmware. How is this done? Can you point me to the right instructions? I have tried the apps that stream over bluetooth and they do not work. After it successfully downloads, it does not connect to the bluetooth device. So maybe it is the firmware??
Thanks so much for trying to help me. I was able to download both firmware versions and I get the same thing. It can't find the device. I attached a short video that shows what I am doing.

Have the exact equal hassle. After calling aci_gap_set_non_discoverable() the advertising stops, but the chip starts eating 2 mA page. I don't recognize what is incorrect?