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Can LPS22HB be used to measure liquid pressure inside miniature container with NACL solution


Can LPS22HB be used to measure liquid pressure inside a miniature container with NACL solution. The sensor will be mounted at one end of the tube like container (4mm diameter). The pressure inside the liquid will keep changing due to the pressure applied from the other side of the tube. Do you think this sensor can be used in such environment ? The pressure range would be within the specified range if this sensor.


Also how do you compare LPS22HB with LPS28DFW ?


Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @sanjayd101 ,

Welcome to ST Community!

The LPS22HB is not the right choice. There are two main reasons: 

  1. the device is not water proof
  2. the presence of NaCl can cause two different issue (close the holes present on top of device or some particles can enter in the holes and this creates a damage of device

LPS28DFW is right choice for the presence of gel that preserves any contamination. This device is also water proof.

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