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4-20ma or 0-10v dc to 0-3.3 analogue ip of STM32 circuit?

parth kothiya

I want to interfacing industrial analogue sensors with STM32F030C8T6TR so I need to convert signal in to 0-3.3v signal.

4-20ma to 0-3.3v

0-10v to 0-3.3v

1) For converting signal which is good way using opamp or voltage divider?​

2) It is possible using one circuit for both ip and get 0-3.3V op?​

ST Employee

Usually a special device is used as a 4-20mA receiver to minimise interference. Your favourite search engine will give you suggestions for a "4-20mA receiver". 

Theoretically, such a receiver can also be built with a voltage divider and possibly an opamp as a voltage follower, but this is limited to very simple systems because of the greater susceptibility to interference and significantly lower accuracy/linearity.

For 0-10V you really only need a voltage divider, maybe with an opamp as voltage follower for impedance matching.

If you really want to do without a dedicated 4-20mA receiver and can accept the lower accuracy, you could think about building both with a voltage divider and voltage follower, possibly with switchable inputs.



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