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stsafe-A110 key generation speed



We're using mbedtls on stm32, and key generation for tls is slow. So, we've tried using a stsafe a110 for the key generation, and while looking on the i2c bus, we've seen that key generation from stsafe is about 900 ms.

Is this intended ? is there no way to make it faster ?

Thank you

Benjamin BARATTE
ST Employee

@Jerome1 ,

Thanks for the interest in STSAFE-A110 product.

The STSAFE-A110 shall generate a new key in less than 200 ms max depending on the key type.

As you are looking at the I2C bus, you should see a waiting period and then polling on the STSAFE-A110.

Could please check the waiting period (normal around 160ms) the speed of the polling ?

Normally, it should be every 3ms.


If you don't have such timing, this means that the integration of the delay function is not correct. In that case, you need to check the stsafea_service_interface.c file for StSafeA_HW_Probe() function and check if the time reference function (HwCtx->TimeDelay) provided is accurate.


Best Regards,