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Sending TXT files through uart

Associate II


I'm trying to know how can I send a txt file through UART protocol to a Bluetooth module so I can transfer data wirelessly to a pc.

I could read line by line sending it continuously, but I wanted to know if I could send it as a file that I could then transfer or at least send all the file text as one.

Thanks in advance.

Robert Sexton
Associate II

There are many ways to do this. It would be helpful to know the basics of your system design.

You can send the data in chunks in a near continuous fashion from end to end

As to protocols, perhaps look at X,Y and Z-Modem

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So my system has the objective to collect data from diverse sensors by UART, SPI and ADC's. Then we store all the data in a txt file we save on an sd card module we have on the PCB. However, we wanted to make the process of transferring data to the pc more efficient by making it wirelessly.

I'll have a look at it!