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Need JTAG?

Md Mubdiul Hasan
Associate III

Hello There,

This a question for those who know Firmware and Hardware well.

Currently I am working IAR 7.80.2 1 months trial version.

I need some help.

Currently I am trying to download firmare of WIFI module through a USB serial COM port.

I have SDK firmware for this wifi module.

This module wifi module has...

1. On-chip PA, LNA, and RF Switch

2. Connection Manager for Autonomous and Fast Wi-Fi Connections

3. Built-in Hardware Crypto Engines for Advanced Security

4 . 16-bit Sigma-Delta ADC : Differential 2 Channels

   12-bit SAR ADC : Single-Ended 4 Channels

5. Supports Various Interfaces

– eMMC/SD Expanded Memory

– SDIO Host/Slave Function

– Quad-lane SPI for External Flash Control

– 2 Universal Asynchronous Receivers and Transmitters(UARTs)

– Serial Peripheral Interface(SPI) Master/Slave Interface

– Inter-Integrated Circuit(I2C) Master/Slave Interface

– I2S for Digital Audio Streaming

– Pulse-Width Modulation(PWM)

– Individually Programmable, Multiplexed GPIO Pins


Right at the moment, I need to check weather my WIFI module can split its data in smart phone APPs or can be connect in AWS cloud.

In the Debugger category, generally the driver selects an available debug probe via the SWD or JTAG interface.

It can not be used when writing firmware via serial communication.

Practicaly I have connect this module to serial port by SECUIRE CRT,but no data has recieved !

To activate the 4 image files are necessary. This image has SFDP (Serial Flash Discoverable Parameter) of the serial flash which is installed on WIFI

module and runs the active RTOS image.

�?�Secondary bootloader


�?�RAM Library


I think, UART is not a possible for bootloading, what do you think ?

JTAG is not necessary?​


It might help if you tell us what the WiFi module is

This WIFI module datasheet is confidential as I heard.

Need a similar solution from STM.

I think it has enough memory, 

Embedded Memory

ROM : 192KBytes

SRAM : 1664KBytes

OTP : 16KBytes

Retention Memory : 28KBytes

This company also provide an EVM board, but right at this moment I dont have it.

This module is connected with that EVM board which has also a main MCU.

I think that MCU talk in SPI/UART mode to that WIFI module.


 Take a look on the JTAG timing diagram, J1...J11's are the parameter number.