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migration from MX25L512G to MT25QL256ABA8ESF

Associate II

I used disco board stm32f769i in external flash application and it works well then I used the same microcontroller type with another external flash module  MT25QL256 and the written data is corrupted .

I think it is configuration problem so what the principle configuration should I review?

and is there any flashing algorithm code for MT25QL256 IC ?


There might be some BSP code for the Micron/ST parts.

I think the 512Mbit​ is more popular.

You might be able to use or repurpose some of the other loaders, but you'd need to be using the same pin configurations.

Writing loaders is a bit of a task​.

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I used the same pin configuration but when reading data it seems like this some data burnt and other not

is there any clock or mode configuration need to be updated