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How to send commands over spi on the BlueNrg-MS


Hi everyone,

I 'm on a project and sould developp a SPI communication between x-nucleo_idb05a1 and stm32F0 MCU and connect with a phone.

The samples given on CubeMX are a bit complexes for what I have to do. I just want to send commands over SPI to initialize and put the ble into peripheral profile (virtual com port actually). Then after the connection with the phone, catch every single character (sent by the phone) through interruptions (like uart transmission). Once ending character is received, store the entire array in a buffer and then inform the mcu to come reading them in a non-blocking way.

Do you have an easy way to do so or a simple document to read ?

As for now, I appoximately understood how the sample app runs but that's not the same for virtual com port sample.


Associate II

If I understand your question, I don't think the BlueNRG-MS will do what you want. BlueNRG is a low level device that requires a controller with software that understands Bluetooth at a low level. You will not get a simple UART type interface.

And BlueNRG-MS is a BLE type device. I think peripheral profiles were part of the previous Bluetooth standard and are not supported by BlueNRG-MS.