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BlueNRG UART bootloader: 'go' command question

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Based on AN4872, I managed to get the id, version, erase, read and write memory commands working. I'm able to erase the entire flash of a BRNG-M2SA or BNRG-M2SP and write a pre-built example bin file to the flash and read it back, without errors.

However, none of the applications seem to run, which makes me think that I'm missing something in this process. I had a look at the 'go' command, but could not understand if it it is mandatory to call it after flashing. A reset, with the boot pin pulled down to ground should be enough to reboot the module for normal start-up, or am I wrong?


Associate III

>However, none of the applications seem to run

This is now solved. I overlooked the fact that the last page of the bin file was sometimes not being written to the flash, depending on the bin file's size.

My question still remains: Is a 'go' command mandatory after flashing a BNRG module?

Associate III

Hello Wingunde,

I am working on writing code for updating the FW via bootloader using UART communication. I see that you were successful in doing this. Did you follow an example project to start off or you wrote the protocol yourself?