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VL53L1 and VL53L1X Timeing budget

Associate II


I'm testing the VL53L1 and VL53L1X.

When the ambient light is strong, status = 7 is returned.

When the ambient light is strong, how should the timing budget and inter measurement period be set to measure longer distances?

Is it better to acquire a lot of data and average it by setting the timing budget and inter measurement period short?

Or is it better to increase the time?

thank you.​

ST Employee


The intermeasurement period as said by its name, fixes the data acquisition period. The timing budget (TB) gives the time to the sensor to pulses the light and compute the distance. The more TB is big the more signal and noise ratio(SNR) is good and consequently the more measurement is accurate. In your case, it is better to increase the TB to have better SNR, but it is not a magical solution, because under a strong ambient light (noise is too high), whatever the maximum TB that can be set the SNR is poor due to noise level to get an accurate measurement.

Thanks, Julien

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