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VL53L1 Question

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  1. I2C frequency used by GUI for X-NUCLEO-53L1A2?
  2. Can you provide the firmware source used by the GUI for X-NUCLEO-53L1A2?
  3. When using the Raning mode of STSW-IMG019 (API for VL53L1CB), is there a minimum requirement for MCU memory, ram, and clock speed?
  4. Isn't there a light version of STSW-IMG019 (API for VL53L1CB)?
  5. Is it ok to use 33ms ranging mode with 8bit mcu (10mhz ~ 20mhz)?

I didn't speak English well, so I used a translator.

I'm sorry if I'm rude.

thank you.​

ST Employee

the max I2C frequency is 1MHZ.

We are not proud of the GUI used by the X-NUCLEO-53L1A2. You would do better writing your own.

Install the code in STM32, and kill the GUI. Then run a terminal emulator (Tera Term), and type 'help'. commands are not echoed. But you can issue commands such as enable, and stop.

then write a program to plot the data the STM32 returns.

Footprint of the driver is below

0693W00000LyMyqQAF.pngIf you run the ULD driver for the VL53L1X on the VL53L1CB, you will get exactly the same performance as the VL53L1X. In fact the L1CB is just an L1X with the ability to run the more complex driver.

If you were to use the L1X and ULD with the 8bit MCU it would be OK. But for the L1CB to get the extra distance it needs the power of the MCU to do some math. I fear an 8-bit MCU is not enough.

  • john

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