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We are using VL53L3CX-SATEL in one of our applications. The problem we are facing is of mounting this small module. What possible options do we have to mount this small module. Any suggestion is well appreciated

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Sorry, could you describe a little bit more the problem you are facing. Usually in the VL53L3CX-SATEL you have two parts offering two possible use-cases. The 1st use case could be that the VL53L3CX-SATEL is be mounted on an X-NUCLEO-53L3A2 board or you can only use the breakout part of the SATEL to connect to your electronic system thanks to some wires soldered on the breakout part.



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There is a company called that mounts the sensors on little bits of circuit board and then sticks a coverglass on top. (got to and click on "Product" and scroll to almost the bottom.

Or you could use a flex and do the same thing.

But what a lot of people do is just sick the sensor on the PCB board and design the housing such that the coverglass is really close to the sensor.

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