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Compile VL6180X API in c

Associate III

I'm trying to get a VL6180X sensor to work.
I've downloaded the latest API:
My goal is to make the sensor work in I2c on a Raspberry PI in the c or c++ language.
But I can't compile my code, or rather compile the api into a library.
Where can I find an example of a makefile or command to do this?

Thanks for your help.

Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

Did you mean to ask a question?


EDIT:  OP has now been updated to include a question


Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

@SCADE wrote:

But I can't compile my code, or rather compile the api into a library.

What problem(s), exactly, are you facing?

What have you tried so far?

Again, please see:


Ok so here is my test.cpp file :

#include <iostream>
#include <unistd.h>
#include "vl6180_api.h"

int main()
  VL6180Dev_t tof = 0x29;


  for (size_t i = 0; i < 10; i++)

    VL6180_RangeData_t rangeData;
    VL6180_RangePollMeasurement(tof, &rangeData);

    printf("Range: %d\n", rangeData.range_mm);

  VL6180_FilterSetState(tof, 1);

  return 0;

file structure : 

and finally compile command :
g++ -o test test.cpp api_vl6180x_1.4.0/core/src/*.c api_vl6180x_1.4.0/platform/cci-i2c/*.c -I api_vl6180x_1.4.0/core/inc/ -I api_vl6180x_1.4.0/platform/template/ -I api_vl6180x_1.4.0/config/ -lwiringPi

Error :
/usr/bin/ld: /tmp/ccnVF5wY.o: in function `VL6180_WaitDeviceBooted':
vl6180_api.c:(.text+0x6c): undefined reference to `VL6180_RdByte' ...................................... 

@SCADE wrote:

Error :
/usr/bin/ld: /tmp/ccnVF5wY.o: in function `VL6180_WaitDeviceBooted':
vl6180_api.c:(.text+0x6c): undefined reference to `VL6180_RdByte' ...................................... 

"undefined reference" is a linker error.

It means that you have omitted to provide a definition of that function - either as source code, or as a pre-built binary library.

Probably, you have #included a header which just declares that function (ie, just provides a prototype) - hence the compiler is happy - but haven't added the necessary source or pre-built binary library to your project - so the link fails.





Looks like these are the docs you need:



This is also what I understand the definition seems to be missing, however it is present in

for VL6180_RdByte :
Function declaration: vl6180_api.h
Function definition: vl6180_i2c.c
Function usage: vl6180_api.c

And I seem to be integrating them all correctly in my compile command

When we write the code you are using, we don't know what MCU ( or CPU) you have.

So, we write the code all the way to RdByte() and WrByte() and then WE STOP.

It's up to you to populate those functions.

Have a look at the platform.c function and Platform.h

Notice they are basically empty?

There are examples of VL6180 projects on Linux - on GitHub.

Download one of those and borrow the Platform.c file. 

You basically have to insert a IOCTL I2C write function into RdByte(). 

- john

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Thanks for your reply,

The API documentation recommends using cci-i2c (should work on raspberry??)
In the files of the cci-i2c folder there are the functions you say are missing but that I can't get to work ;(

And on Github I couldn't find anything relevant.