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Change my account email address

Lead II

In the past I know that it was not possible to change the email address of an ST account.
I use a personal address to be independent of my changes of employers.

But now ST requires a commercial email address to participate in webinars.

In the same way you impose a commercial address to order on ST eStore.

Since ST has tightened its policy regarding email addresses, it becomes imperative to be able to update them.

The alternative is to create a "fake" account for each use... I did it but I receive triple notifications and announcements!

So how do I change the email address used by my account?


My other account simply stopped logging into the website, but it keeps logging into the website. I asked for help a few times, but ST couldn't resolve it. This login part seems to be complicated.

Community manager
Community manager

Hello @Nikita91 ,

I am sorry to hear about any inconveniences caused by the issue. I will check internally how to go about changing the email address for the MyST account and will contact you afterwards again. 



the website does not work at all, I can't even file a ticket for it, there is no email-address,... to contact, or some dialog I can write a message. All I could hope for is the "Fedback"-Dialog. I'm sorry for the negative reply, but I had no other choice. People at ST are great, but I think some of the management-decisions seem to be problematic.

Best Regards, Sebastian Wendel






Lead II

The official answer:

As mentioned, I checked internally if there is an easy way to change your email address for your My ST account. Unfortunately, this is not the case and therefore, users usually create a new account with a different email address. Would this be an option for you or not at all? 

Please feel free to further explain your case, so I can see how we can help you best.



I have already created another account. So I have to trim the settings to not receive the same ST notifications from every account.

Associate II

Hi Nikita,

Did you find any additional resolution to this?  I'm facing a similar issue - my company was sold so my e-mail address changed and I don't want to lose all of the history associated with the old address - very frustrating that there is no simple way to do this at STMicroelectronics, no one to contact!


No I don't have a solution...

Luckily my account used a personal email address, which was able to survive my change of fiber operator and my change of company.

I created another account just for webinars and eStore purchases.

This problem has existed for years, and there doesn't seem to be any will to resolve it...

Conclusion: do not use a professional account with STM!

Associate III

I'm having the same problem, and I'm honestly not believing it's impossible. It may not be possible via a nice UI, but most definitely there must be some record in a database SOMEWHERE that contains the e-mail address, right? And updating that (worst case using SQL) should always be possible.

And if the UI doesn't exist, it should be made. What kind of system does not allow you to update a username or e-mail address?


I also need to change my email.

Associate III

Is there any way to change my email address?