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ST Community highlights 2023

Community manager
Community manager

The year of 2023 was a transformational year for the ST community as we migrated to a new platform. We appreciate your patience, engagement, and feedback throughout this transition.

It is time to look back and highlight the most engaged areas in the ST community (time period: from June to December 2023).

TOP3 community superusers that authored the most solutions:

  1. @TDK with 361 solutions authored
  2. @Tesla DeLorean 152 solutions authored
  3. @waclawek.jan 90 solutions authored

TOP3 most viewed conversations:

  1. 6,521 views Solved: STM32CubeIDE 1.13.0 problem
  2. 3,524 views Solved: has no explicit encoding set warning
  3. 3,489 views STM32F4 Retriggerable one pulse mode

TOP3 forum boards with the most accepted solutions:

  1. 1,039 accepted solutions STM32 MCUs products
  2. 318 accepted solutions STM32CubeIDE (MCUs)
  3. 187 accepted solutions STM32 MCUs Embedded software

TOP3 most viewed knowledge base articles:

  1. 3992 views How to use register callbacks in STM32
  2. 3428 views How to regress from RDP level 2 to RDP level 0 on the STM32U5 series
  3. 2690 views How to use STMicroelectronics classic USB device middleware with new STM32 families

We are constantly working on improving our platform, so your feedback and suggestions are always welcome: Feedback forum - STMicroelectronics community

Thank you all for your active participation and contributions.

ST community team