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Hi all,I building  a project using FreeRTOS, now I want to use SEGGER to analysis this project.I dowload SEGGER Application and Target Sources.and I add Folder SEGGER in my project folder .Right now, i can use SEGGER or configure anything other ?Many...
hi all,i am trying to use the esp322's TX and RX pins to transmit a string from the STM32F407 and display it to the Hercules. The problem I still have is that it cannot send even though I have selected the correct COM port and Baud-ratemany thank.
Hi everybody, i am using stm32f4 i2c. First, I execute the program successfully, then I execute it again and the Oled screen appears like this.What is this error?Can you help me fix it? 
Hello everyone,I bought this Oled, can I use the SCK pin to connect I2C, or must I connect SPI?Many thank. 
Hi everyone,Now, I take data from module sensor, I want to upload data to server.Is there any way to do it?Many thanks.
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