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i am working in a project on stm32u5a9j-dk board. i am fetching temperature value from inbuilt temperature sensor using ADC channel. I am getting the value in 4 digit int. i want to know to know how to transfer that value into *celcius. And one more ...
I want to access MEMS sensor available on STM32U5A9J-DK board for performing some operation. Anyone please guide me how to do that.Thanks and Regards,Suman
i a searching a simulator which can access the inbuilt wifi, bluetooth and ethernet of laptop for STM32U5A9J-DK to test my project.
hi everyone, i am suman, just started exploring STM32U5A9J-DK board. So I don't know how to access the led of that board. If anyone know how to do that, it will be very helpful for me. Thank you.