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Dear Team, I have Tried to flash B-L4S5I-IOT01A board I not able connect the board the I will verify U14 LDO supplyif JP5 -jumper is placed LDO input show 2.6v and Output 1.6V in multimeterelse JP5 - jumper is not placed LDO shows 5v and Output 3.3v ...
Dear Team, I have facing Below issue Could you please anyone Help me to resolve this issue. 
Dear Team,   I have configured 4 channel ADC (Differential mode) for STM32S5VIT6 IOT board. but we got one channel irrelevant value to our buffer how to resolve it. I have attached image for your reference. Could you please help?    
Dear Team,    I need your help for configuring BLE on B-L4S5I-IOT01A board. I got some example BLE in B-L475I-IOT01A.But it is different from that board could you please help me to configure and use Bluetooth via .ioc file.
Hello everyone,   I need your help for configuring PWM dead time, I have configured below configuration but I received dead time as 5uS. I need 200uS dead Time. Could you please help me.     
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