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I could not download the STM32MP starter package. The login and download page simply cycle and the download does not happen. Wondering if anyone else encountered this issue.
The NRST pin of Nucleo-G031K8 is always low. The reset button does not do anything. Should not it reset MCU?
I am using Nucleo-G031K board and attempt to set IWDG timeout to max value of ~32s. Got hard fault. Here is the code. Any idea?  iwdg_hIwdg.Instance = IWDG; iwdg_hIwdg.Init.Prescaler = IWDG_PRESCALER_256; iwdg_hIwdg.Init.Window = IWDG_WINDOW_DISABLE;...
I accidentally overwrote the FW loaded by ST for P-L496G-CELL 02. So I cannot access the voucher code. Is there any way to retrieve the voucher code?