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How to solve the problem of slow scrolllist sliding process, when the item template is too complicated(Template size :710*35,contains 4 textAreas�?2 bitmaps 5 boxs,Scrolllist size :710*350).The simulator is very nice,but H7 board is not smooth.
I want to draw a graph, and what I expect is that the data points on the left are dense and the data points on the right are sparse. But I only found AbstractDataGraphWithY, a class that ignores x, is there any similar class that does not ignore x ca...
After opening 4.18.0. It stops working after being idle for a period of time, or after creating a new project, or after clicking on some blank areas, and there is no response. How to solve this? (the networked computer is normal, and the non networke...
Is there a good way for multiple people to develop their screens and integrate them into the same TouchGFX project?
bmp data from "Bitmap(bmpid).getData()"
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