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How to setup mongoose with STM32F446RE ?In mongoose browser window STM32F446RE not available.How to start program using mongoose for STM32F446REbelow i'm added mongoose board available on browser window
My laptop act as server and my board (both the end are using statically configured IP) should receive the audio through Ethernet and store it on OTG USB drive.
usage of ethernet port in stm32f429zi ?
Hi all,How to transfer file through server to target board using Ethernet ?I'm using STM32F429 Nucleo-144 board, currently done with STM32F4xx Webserver Demo ( Based on the lwIP TCP/IP stack ). Based on this server demo how transfer file server to ta...
I'm using eclipse IDE (system workbench).Where i get the demo application and how to build and run on target board ?How to configure IP on PC and target board ?