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Hey everyone,I am working on STM32MP157-DK1 with trustzone cortex-A.I want to use SPI in secure side, but it's possible only with SPI6 that is not mapped to the outside.It's possible to activate SPI (1 ... 5) peripherals in secure side ? if not, why ...
Hey evryone,I can't write to memory flash when TZEN = 1 (e.g trustzone is active) , i hav no error return !I call this fucntions from secure side : HAL_FLASH_Unlock();   HAL_FLASH_Program(FLASH_TYPEPROGRAM_DOUBLEWORD, FlashAddr, FlashData);   HA...
Hi everyone !I have a set of tasks in FreeRTOS and I need to put some of them in the secure world (Trustzone).Is there a communication to be established between the SMC trustZone side and the scheduler FreeRTOS side ?tracks please.
Hey everyone,I need to do some operations on Firmware, and i am asking on how to recover its size and store it ?I am using STM32F401RE.Simo
hey everyone,I need to get access to device of STM32 board to read Hex file. any idea please ?I am using STM32F401RE.Simo
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