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I'm using SPC58 DISP Board for RTR request data frame from a battery pack. I have set the RTR value as 1, but didn't receive any reponse data frame from the battery. I have tested with CAN analyser, reponse data frame is coming(working fine). When I ...
I'm using SPC58EC80 (SPC58EC DISP). I have coded the MCU for standby mode. It's working well but I have program it like wheather the MCU is booting from power ON or from standby wakeup. I have four wakeup intterupts and I want to know which wakeup in...
Hello,I'm trying out standby mode application for spc58ec-disp board by using existing example code call WKUP. In that code stop mode is performed, but i tried with standby mode it fails.Is there any example code for standby mode?
I want to drive a mosfet. So that I need to know the current delivered by an I/O pin. I'm using SPC58EC80E5 controller. Electrical characteristics are mentioned in the document.
Hello,   I'm new to the liniux embedded system. We need LTE 4g module (location india) with GPS which can be connected to STM32MP157 through usb or any other peripheral. Is there any module to use it. Thank your
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