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hello sir i use the st development program

hello siri use the st development programand have a problem with the assembly code "int 040200"if you write that , the st development does not accept that code, altough its in that way it mentioned in the manualplease can you help me, how to solve th...

regarding the stv assembler

hello siri use the ST visual development programand tryed to give in that assembler instruction " int $040200"but the assembler does not reconise that, altough its in that way its mentioned in the programming manualalso, can you inform me if "05" and...

Resolved! STVD (Visual Develop) cannot set breakpoint on mouse click

Hi allI have recently changed my computer, and reinstall STVD for the development of STM8 applicaiton.using cosmic compiler. In my old computer, I used to set up breakpoint by just double clicking the very left column (where line number appears) at ...

SPL For development on Linux using SDCC?

Found a few web pages describing how to get up and running developing for the STM8 on a linux platform. All refer to the SPL and have links which are out of date. I've tried searching for the STM8 SPL on the site but only turn up [1]. If anybo...

JWhit.9 by Associate II
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STM8S UART interrupt enable and disable

I am testing the STM8S Standard Peripheral Library (SPL) using the STVD IDE, Cosmic compiler, and a Nucleo-8S208RB development board. The SPL example 'UART1_interrupt' initializes the UART1 TX and UART3 RX interrupts using the below UART_Config() fun...

Kmax18 by Senior
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STVD simulator and 'return' statement

I am testing the STM8 SPL with the STVD IDE and Cosmic compiler. The target is a NUCLEO-8S208RB board. During simulation of the SPL example 'UART_interrupt' the function Buffercmp() in the below screenshot behaved as follows.Observation: the statemen...

Kmax18 by Senior
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STM8 for medical use

We need STM8 MCU types for use in medical instruments. Does ST have Medical grade STM8 MCU's? It must be recommended for new design with long life time.

MCUpwr by Associate III
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