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Strange results with STLink Utility vs Programmer SWD


Good day!
Having just acquired a disco stm32g031j6, I discovered that while my CubeProgrammer has no issues connecting to it, ST-LINK Utility doesn't like it - it hangs on Target/Settings for a while, shows S/N in the drop-down box but doesn't recognize the device and refuses to connect to it, suggesting "Normal" or "HotPlug" modes or lower SWD frequency (neither make a difference).
I tried same with some of my other Nucleo boards (C031C6) and they had no problem connecting (though it couldn't recognize family either :
14:02:46 : ST-LINK SN: 066BFF35314B4E3043195737
14:02:46 : V2J43M28
14:02:46 : Connected via SWD.
14:02:46 : SWD Frequency = 4,0 MHz.
14:02:46 : Connection mode : Connect Under Reset.
14:02:46 : Device ID:0x453
14:02:46 : Device family :Unknown device
It could only do this under "Connect under Reset", not Normal mode) 

Yet, ST-LINK Utility had no problem recognizing and upgrading firmware from ST-LINK/Firmware Update menu route. Attaching screamshots from settings dialog and error message that eventually happens. 
Any ideas why STM32CubeProgrammer has no problems with any of the above but ST-LINK Utility breaks?
Many thanks 


ST-LINK Utility is old , deprecated. Don't use it. Use STM32CubeProgrammer .



Thats why ST-LINK Utility breaks.

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ST-LINK Utilities have not been updated in YEARS, definitely not supporting STM32G0 parts, move on..

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