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STM32WB55 Arm Cortex-M0+(CPU2) binary for BLE



 I'm currently working on controlling a board with an integrated STM32WB55VGQ6 chip. While running the BLE test example code on the STM32WB55, I was able to confirm that Bluetooth functionality is working.

However, when I tried applying the same code to our custom board, it didn't work as expected.

During my research, I came across information that the Arm Cortex-M0+ (CPU2) can't be written to directly by users. As a result, I downloaded the "Patch for STM32CubeWB" for M0+ and obtained BLE-related binaries from the STM32WB_Copro_Wireless_Binaries folder.

I'm curious to know which binary is the default one running on the M0+ core of the STM32WB55 board.


Furthermore, when I connect my board and access the Firmware Upgrade Services menu in STM32CubeProgrammer, I specified the File path and Start address before pressing the Firmware Upgrade button. I was able to confirm that the Stack Version was successfully uploaded.


However, I've noticed that the WB Commands buttons are inactive for my board.


While these buttons are active when I connect the STM32WB55 board,

The picture below is when the STM32WB55 is connected.


I'm wondering why they are disabled for my board. I'm particularly interested in activating the "Start Wireless Stack" button.

And please explain the functional difference between the "Start Wireless Stack" button and the "Start FUS" button.

Could you please provide insights into the purpose of the STM32WB55 CPU2 binary and clarify when the WB Commands buttons become active? I'm looking forward to your response.



Best regards,