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STM32CubeProgrammer 2.12.0 released

ST Employee

We are pleased to announce you that the official release of STM32CubeProgrammer v2.12.0 is available for download here.

New Features (only some highlights):

  • Script manager: add loops and conditional statements.
  • STM32MP1: New SSP GUI.
  • STM32 Trusted Package Creator: enhanced SFI UI.
  • STM32WB: UI enhancement and better error handling.
  • STM32WL: add module support.
  • External flash memory programming: New SFIx Flashloader for B-U585I-IOT02A board.
  • STM32F746GDISCOVERY and STM32F7508-DK: new external flash loaders.

Main issues fixed in STM32CubeProgrammer 2.12.0:

Only a sub-set of the fixed issues are mentioned below:

[116538] [STM32CubeProg] Address is always equal to 0x0 when saving .bin as .hex file.

[117842] [STM32CubeProg - STM32L0] EEPROM banks are erased for one EEPROM bank selected.

[119632] [STM32L5][TZEN - Regression] Error occurred when TZEN regression field is checked.

[122194] [API][ST-LINK] No error message displayed when the MCU is not powered.

[122254] [STM32CubeProg - Documentation] Confusing behavior when running -log option without file specification.

[123745] [STM32CubeProg][STM32MP1] Even if SWD is not supported for STM32MP1, STM32CubeProgrammer

     should not crash when trying to connect via SWD/JTAG.

[123960] [GUI] Switching from one section to another in the OB panel does not keep the OB box modified status.

[126294] [STM32CubeProg] Device connection issue after increasing the RDP level.

[127191] [STM32MP157] Unselecting TSV partitions times out while programming.

[127922] [CLI] CMD failure (Error cmd) should interrupt the execution of the script.

[128988] [STM32CubeProg-GUI] STM32G0B0xx device missing from device list with ID 0x467.

[130116] [STM32CubeProg] Error while programming a .bin file with more than 128 Kbyte flash memory size into an

     STM32L081xZ device.

[130186] [STM32CubeProg] “start address�? in download page is grayed while filename extension .BIN is uppercase.

[130479] [GUI] “Select MCU" & "Program HSM�? buttons must be grayed for a programmed HSM.

[131027] [STM32CubeProg - Signing tool] Issue with SC-HSM / PKCS#11.

[131245] [Documentation][UM2237][SWV][CLI] Add explanation for -startswv.

[131307] [SFI on STM32H735xx] SFI window hanging.

[131765] [STM32CubeProg][Flash loader] STM32CubeProgrammer does not accept external loader file name

     containing more than one dot.

[131834] [STM32WB][Stack update] Request to change the error message when trying to update stack with antirollback

     activated without previous stack load.

[131987] [CLI][Error level] Program returned 0 error code when error occurred.

[132049] [DDR][CLI] Error occurs when loading DDR tool via the USB.

[132213] [STM32CubeProg - GUI] Mismatch between STM32WB35xx reference manual and STM32CubeProgrammer database.

[132528] [STM32U5] Register view issue after RDP1 password set/disable.

[132716] [Documentation] UM2237 Rev 19: Incorrect description of I2C configuration panel.

[133012] [GUI][STM32U5] Wrong number of sectors for 1-Mbyte device.

[133019] [STM32CubePRG][ST-LINK] STM32CubeProgrammer keeps reading BL version and displays it in VB3 every second.

[133020] [STM32CubeProg][STM32L0][GUI] BL version is not displayed.

[133242] [API][USB] Cannot list USB_DFU with custom VID&PID.

[134250] [Documentation][UM2237] Add explanation for -startstack.

[134536] [STM32CubeProg][TPC] “Generate Hash�? option must be checked by default.

[134843] [Documentation][UM2238] TPC wrong example for area 'K' pairs.

[135228] [SFI] Update option bytes notation in CSV files.

[135237] [STM32CubeProg][CLI] Update of Inventek Wi‑Fi® firmware fails on B-L475E-IOT01 and B-L4S5I-IOT01 boards.

[135272] [STM32CubeProg][STM32U5]Wrong flash memory sector size for STM32U575ZI (2 Mbytes).

[135805] [API] Update getExternalLoader parameter description to match current implementation.

[136171] [STM32CubeProg - Documentation][AN5054] Confusing “multi install�? expression in secure programming

     using STM32CubeProgrammer application note.

[137358] [STM32G4] Erase selected sectors does not work properly on devices with 256 Kbytes of flash memory.

Known Limitations 


  • SFI integrity check (Users must use STM32CubeProgrammer v2.9.0 to use devices with old bootloader versions):
    • STM32H7: Only the devices with a bootloader version higher than 0x91 are supported.
    • STM32H73: Only the devices with a bootloader version higher than 0x93 are supported.
    • STM32H7B: Only the devices with a bootloader version higher than 0x92 are supported.
  • Command-line interface: Shared devices listing issue with the -l option and missing data from the .hex file when using safelib.
  • Auto mode (Linux): The SPI interface quits after starting without a connection.
  • STM32G0: The SWD RegDump command-line instruction does not work on STM32G081xx devices.
  • STM32H7: STM32CubeProgrammer does not support combined SFI and SMI.
  • STM32L4: The full chip erase fails in SPI mode for devices with 1 Mbyte of flash memory.
  • STM32MP15: An error occurs when saving the OTP partition in a MacOS platform.
  • STM32U5: RDP regression with password is not working on MacOS.
  • STM32WB1: The register dump command is not supported.
  • USBX: Erase issue with U5 and F4.

If you have any comment, feel free to post it .