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Why do I get the error: 'Error: Data read failed'

Associate III

I have an STM32F030K6T6, I 'm using STM32CubeProgrammer with ST-Link V2.

I click 'connect' and I get this error:

'Error: Data read failed'

It gets connected to the MCU, reads correctly it's ID.

I have checked all related connections: SWCLK, SWDIO, RST, 3V3 and GND. (I 'm not using the SWIM).

Everything looks ok.

I 've tried both options of BOOT0 (grounded & pulled up to 3V3).

So what might be the problem? A damaged MCU? (maybe I overheated it during soldering)

And if it 's damaged how does it get recognized by the STM32CubeProgrammer?


uncheck read protection byte

It helped to me (STM32CubeProgrammer >> OB >> Read Out Protection >> RDP = AA) when I had a similar issue with the STM32WB55CGUx. However, I did not set this byte myself. I just used the STM32CubeIDE to flash the memory. It happened once out of tens of program uploads.


Edit: it turned out to be a burned Chip, 12v low current was leaking back to my MCU so it was messingup with the pin cmos and nothjign else.


I have a similar issue, somehow i corrupted the oB bytes when launching a debug session with cubeIDE. (nucleo- stm32f207ZG)

I am not able to read anything from the chip

Error: Data read failed

i am able to read the OB no problem BUT, i cannot change the RDP from FF to AA

  12:21:08:802 : Error: Expected value for Option Byte "RDP": 0xAA, found: 0xFF
  12:21:08:821 : Error: Option Byte Programming failed

Here they suggest something wrong with stlink the connectivity....( which is not my case because its a nucleo board)