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STM32Cube Programmer Version 2.13.0 Flashing Program Timing Issue

Associate II

Dear ST Community,

I would like to address an issue we have encountered while flashing the program on the STM32L562VETb microcontroller using different versions of the STM32 CubeProgrammer software.

Our observations indicate a significant performance difference between STM32Programmer version 2.13.0 and version 2.8.0 when it comes to flashing the bin file of size 248 KB  onto the STM32L5xx. Specifically, version 2.13.0 takes approximately 1.07 minutes, while version 2.8.0 completes the same task in approximately 10 seconds.

Are there any known reasons why the newer version of STM32Programmer (2.13.0) might exhibit slower flashing performance compared to the older version (2.8.0)? Could there be specific configurations or settings that need to be adjusted to improve the flashing speed?

I have attach the Document and bin file please look into it

Thank you for your attention and assistance.

Best regards,


Associate II

Hi is there any update ?