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STEVAL-FCU001(STM32F401CC) .hex STM32cubeprogrammer programming issues.

Associate III

STEVAL-FCU001(STM32F401CC) .hex STM32cubeprogrammer programming issues:

I bought the product "STEVAL-FCU001' ( and I am trying to program the .hex code(or bin code?) into "STM32F401CC" via "STM32Cubeprogrammer"_SWD.

The first step I did is to extract the original code(.hex) inside the F401CC and successful.0693W00000JNaKJQA1.pngAfter that, I can program the extracted code(.hex) into STM401CC again and successful.

0693W00000JNaMPQA1.pngHowever, I found that the code I extracted from "STM32F401CC" is not the same as "DroneKit_301018_official.hex" from Github(

Because of that, I t downloaded the code "DroneKit_301018_official.hex" and tried to program into my "STM32F401CC", but failed.

0693W00000JNaZOQA1.pngThe environment of the disconnected condition0693W00000JNaa2QAD.pngThe environment of the connected condition

0693W00000JNaWeQAL.pngIt shows me

 11:38:04 : Memory Programming ...

 11:38:04 : Opening and parsing file: DroneKit_301018_official.hex

 11:38:04 :  File     : DroneKit_301018_official.hex

 11:38:04 :  Size     : 78403 Bytes

 11:38:04 :  Address    : 0x08000000 

 11:38:04 : Erasing memory corresponding to segment 0:

 11:38:04 : Erasing internal memory sectors [0 4]

 11:43:04 : Error: failed to erase memory

 11:43:04 : Error: failed to erase memory

 11:43:04 : Error: Unable to get core ID

 11:43:04 : Error: Unable to get core ID

 11:43:04 : Warning: Connection to device 0x423 is lost

0693W00000JNaSrQAL.png0693W00000JNaS9QAL.pngI found that the size of my "STM32F401CC" is 0x400. However, the size of the official code is 0x13243. Is that the problem making programming failed? If so, how should I solve this issue? It seems like this MCU "STM32F401CC" surely can be programmed by the official code "DroneKit_301018_official.hex".

In my case, I think there is probably something wrong while I was programming the MCU.

Someone can help or give me some advice? I appreciate it!


Associate II

Hey there,

I'm currently having similar issues, just wanna ask if you were able to solve this?