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Multi Board Programming



I have 20 boards in a 4x5 panel board. all boards have the same MCU. is it possible to program all boards via a panel at the same time? if so, how can I do that? which software and hardware tools do I need?

Thank you.

Chief II

Read AN2606

SWD doesn't daisy chain

JTAG could potentially, but you'd need the right equipment and software. Decide how many connectors/pods you want to attach to the panel, how many devices you want to chain. Failure of one might preclude cascading to others.

If you route power, and BOOT0 / RESET over the panel, and expose a UART you might be able to implement AN3155 UART protocol

You could perhaps chain devices that allow one to program the next.

Really going to be a function of you creativity, understanding the protocols, and options.

See also AN2606

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