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Flash a new firmware on BLE module of STM32-u585i-iot02A

Associate II


I am currently asking help to flash the BLE module of my card. I think I have two problems.

The first one is hardware. I tried to connect CN5 with STLink V3mini. I think that the connection of wires is correct. And then, when I plug my STM32 and my STLink on my laptop and I try to connect my card through STM32CubeProgrammer, I get an error : STM32 target not found.

When I connect two USB devices, my laptop is not able to get connected to STM32.

So, this is my first problem.

And the second is that on STM32CubeProgrammer, I don't have the field "Firmware Upgrade Service" available, while I have the version 2.12.0...

Does someaone have an idea to upgrade the firmware, because I tried to do it in the field "Erasing & Programming" but it didn't work...

If someone could help me, or think about getting an issue, I will appreciate so much !!

Mohamed Aymen HZAMI
ST Employee

Hello @TBarn.3​ and welcome to the community,

Is it possible to check if your laptop has successfully detected the STLINK-V3MINI and allocated a port number after plugging it in?

Mohamed Aymen