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Even I a customer!

Associate II

Well, that's the strangest 'support' department I've ever dealt with.

In trying to download the STM32CubeProgragger for Linux, I've found that the download halts at ~40Mb of some 280MB, or so. Tried downloading as user, and as guest, no luck. Tried different browser, and different computer, no luck. All 3 versions of the aforesaid program have similarly dysfunctional links.

Quick word to ST 'support', and it seems my profile doesn't justify lifting a finger, and I'm told that, before being referred to community support. After two weeks in ST 'support' dystopia, I still don't have a copy of the tool.

Here's the thing...I'm a customer. I can't buy thousands of ST microcontrollers, but I did buy some. That makes me an ST customer, and morally due a means to program my investment. How can I be expected to grow to a larger customer, if I cannot, even by begging a very rude and helpless 'support'?

Okay, the download problem is not within my spere of influence. Maybe it is, or isn't within ST's, but I would have expected they would, after being politely requested for 2-weeks, have made alternative arrangements for me to receive the file. That, even in the case that my profile doesn't warrant great fawning, yet I am, at this point, still an ST buying customer.

Anyone got a clean copy of



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Hi AScha.3,

Haven't tried either yet, but did get v2.16 in my PM. 

It downloaded the whole way!!!!

Thank you so much for going the extra mile for me, AScha.3.


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Chief II


May I ask where you are ? (some countries have restrictions for download)

I have V13.1 running on Linux, running fine.

and have on disc.

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Associate II

Hi AScha.3,

Downloading from AU, can't see any real issues?

Well, you've peaked my interest with the copy of you have on disk.

I'd be especially grateful if you could up the file and email me the link.

I was going to suggest registration free,, but you may have any preference.


Thank you, AScha.3. 

Oh, I hope I didn't just break any forum rules.


Well, i dont think, its against anybodies rules, if you get a copy of a file, you are allowed to download - but it just dont work (for you).

So look at your pm here...soon...still uploading. 🙂

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I'm a FORD customer, they charge me around $100 USD / HOUR for their mechanics time to fix things on the vehicle they sold me. Sure there's warranty stuff, but there's a $50K cushion behind that, but most everything else is a "WEAR ITEM". And diagnostic time is chargeable.

Until THIS industry gets to a place where people pay for support, don't expect hours of technical/engineering support from a $10-20 product.

Sounds like you're working with the Sales Prevention Team.. it's great to spend a lot of money on websites and promote things, but that's all wasted if the opportunities that generates all immediately die.

To be a customer of merit you need to be buying $1M already. If you're buying through Distribution, it's the Distributors JOB to support you, pretty sure they're contractually bound to that. 

The download issues have been a problem for awhile, frequently with caching/mirroring within the infrastructure.

>>Anyone got a clean copy of

Yes, 286 MB, too large to attach here. Ping my contacts..

Tips, Buy me a coffee, or three.. PayPal Venmo
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Hi AScha.3,

Got the requisite file from the download link, which you were very kind to setup and send to my PM.

Wow, that's 2-weeks of anguish, dissolved in minutes.

Great stuff!





Hi Tesla DeLorean,

Thanks for your perspective on the 'support' matter.

Yes, very interested in the file Seems I can read download links in my PM, but can't figure how to send anyone internally?

Thanks again,


Associate II

Still looking for the clean copy of


Registration free,, the link to my PM, or to gimme_the_giffs[AT]


Did you try/use the V2.15 ?



see your PM...

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ST Employee

Dear @M_de_Luis ,

I’m really sorry for the experience faced while reaching us and all frustration created . Can you please provide me the Online support number or your login - you can PM me to check why the question is not addressed. many Thanks @AScha.3  @Tesla DeLorean  For your help . Let me know if solved else I  will reach you

all apologizes again !