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Detects wrong device and and cannot program

Associate II

I am trying to program a generic STM32L151C8T6A via STlinkv2

If I use STM#@ ST-LINK Utility I have no issues and this is what it detects:

14:56:17 : Device ID:0x429 

14:56:17 : Device flash Size : 64KBytes

14:56:17 : Device family :STM32L100x6xxA/L15xx6xxA


When I try using the STM32CubeProgrammer it detects the following:

Device ID 0x429

Flash size 320KB

Device STM32L100x6xxA/STM32L100x8xxA/ST

Revision ID REV Y


If you try to do anything it gives the error "Flash Driver cannot be loaded"

This is on the latest 2.5 version but I also tried it on v2.2 which detected 128KB and also failed.

So the two differefnt ST programing software options detact the same device ID but a different chip and flash capacity.

Does the STMCubeProrammer support this Uc?, any ideas?



Associate II

I have found a workaround and proven this is a STMCubeProgrammer bug.

To get STM32l15x (deviceID 0x429) working with STMCubeProgrammer you need to copy the file 0x429.stldr from the working STLink utility and overwrite the same file in the STMCubeProgrammer folder.

Copy [workdir stlink utility]\flashloader\0x429.stldr to [workingdir cube programmer]\flashloader\0x429.stldr

You will then be able to erase and program as needed.

However it will still display the incorrect Flash memory size.

Anyone know how I log this as a STMCubeProgrammer bug?

Looking at the date stamp it looks like the STlink utility version is almost a year newer so they must have included old versions accidentally with latest versions of cubeprogrammer

ST Employee

Hi @AToog.1​ ,

Thanks for rising this issue.

It is under analysis by CubeProgrammer development team and will be fixed asap .