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Cube Programmer can't find depencies

Associate III

I just set up a new laptop and installed the Cube Programmer but I keep getting the error: CubeProgrammer_API or one of it's dependencies is missing. Please try reinstalling the program or check your java architecture.

I am running Windows 10 64-bit

I installed 2.10.0 (SetupSTM32CubeProgrammer_win64)

I can run it in admin mode to get it to work, but when I do that it can't see the network shares that I have mapped. Since we keep all of our 'master' images on a network share, that's kind of important for me. Besides, "running as admin" feels like a hack anyways. If it needs to run as admin, it should pop up with a message saying to please restart in admin mode. If it doesn't need to run in admin, why can't it find the java files?

Associate III

Since there's no debug output that you can view it's difficult to actually determine what is going on buuut this is the sequence of steps I took to make it work.

Install the latest version of Java 8.

Uninstall CubeProgrammer 2.10

Reinstall CubeProgrammer 2.10 while specifically running the installer as an administrator

Open up the task manager and reboot the "Windows Explorer" process. You can also reproduce this step by rebooting your computer.

Now it works. I suspect there is an environment variable or PATH setting that needs to be updated for CubeProgrammer to work correctly and that only occurs after you've rebooted your PC (or more specifically, rebooted the explorer process). I probably could have done this after doing the initial installation and it would work fine but since I'm not sure I listed everything that I did just in case.