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Connection problem with an STM32L053R8T6 using stm32cubeprogrammer

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Hello I have a problem, I want to update the program on my STM32L053R8T6 using a TC2030-MCP-NL probe which is connected to a SPY-BI-TAG on my st-link v2. I have updated my St-link v2 to the latest version. What I don't understand is why the software can't find my STM32L053R8T6. The STM32L053R8T6 is integrated on an electronic board used for metrology. I just need to update the STM32L053R8T6 but I can't as I can't connect it. Does anyone have a solution? I've already updated the firmware to the latest version.


Not familiar with your board or its wiring.


Check continuity end-to-end, make sure the tag connector gets to the pins on the side of the STM32

Review the board schematic if you have it. Attach.

Does STM32 Cube Programmer report the board voltage?

>>What I don't understand is why the software can't find my STM32L053R8T6

Because the IC, board or connectivity isn't viable. Sure it's relatively simple, but you've got to do it right

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OK, I understand better, I'm going to check the connection with a multimeter, the software displays the target voltage but not the rest. Thank you for your reply.

I've checked all the continuity as you suggested and it's fine on this side, but then I always get the following error message. Do you have any other ideas about this problem?MrKnight_0-1705399932316.png