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STM32CubeMX 6.4.0 released

ST Employee

What is new in STM32CubeMX V6.4.0?

• Added the support for new part numbers in the STM32L4 Series and STM32L4+ Series: STM32L443CCFx, STM32L452CETxP, STM32L452REYxP, STM32L476QGIxP, STM32L496QGIxS, STM32L4R5AIIxP, STM32L4R5QGIxS, STM32L4R5QIIxP, and STM32L4P5QGIxS

• Enhanced the support of the cohabitation between Azure® RTOS USBX or USB and USB-PD for the STM32U5 Series and STM32G0 Series, making it possible to enable and disable the USB support from USB-PD middleware

Known limitations

Please refer the the release note

Main fixed issues

107294 [STM32CubeMX-FreeRTOS] Heap usage estimation seems to be incorrect (using a static timer with CMSIS-RTOS v2).

107991 [STM32H7][Single core] NC balls F1 and G2 for TFBGA240+25 to be defined as VSS. 108330 [STM32CubeMX-STM32H7][FMC] SDRAM1/2 cannot be enabled.

109086 [STM32CubeMX-RCC] Wrong maximum allowed frequency for FMC.

109427 MCO2 PLL clock issue in STM32CubeMX V6.2.1.

109542 [STM32CubeMX-SAI][STM32H7] Faulty number of microphone pairs displayed by STM32CubeMX.

111387 [STM32CubeMX-I2S][STM32H7] DMA requests can be added for I2S peripheral. 112201 [STM32CubeMX-STM32F7][USB][RCC] Wrong code generated using the internal FS for USB OTG HS.

112202 Add user tag in custom rng file for mbedTLS.

113634 [STM32CubeMX-CodeGenerator][Pack] Some user files are not generated using the*.ftl templates.

112040 - [MX-ALL][DMA][CodGen] Wrong DMA order