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Setting the Ethernet parameters in different versions of CubeMX


Hi everyone.

 I want to establish an ethernet connection between the laptop and the microcontroller. For this purpose, I have seen many tutorials that first activate units ETH, freeRTOS and LWIP in Cube MX software. But I have noticed a few things:

1. It seems that the configurable parameters in the Ethernet section are different for each version. For example, in version 5.6, parameter “PHY address�? can be set, but in version 6.8, there is no such parameter, and parameters “First Tx Descriptor Address�? and “First Rx Descriptor Address�? have been added instead.


2. Apart from the above problem, in the new version 6.8, I set the values of “First Tx Descriptor Address�? and “First Rx Descriptor Address�? to 0x20020120 and 020020000 according to the Reference manual stm32f7xxx , but I still encounter problem “Destination Host Unreachable�? when pinging the laptop and the microcontroller.

It should be noted that I generate the code in keil uvision 5 software.

Thank you for telling me why these parameters are different in Cube Mx and how I should act to connect correctly.

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

There have been many discussions on the ethernet in this forum.

It looks like CubeMX/IDE still struggles with generating working code for ethernet.

The best course IMHO is to begin from one of ready examples from the Projects directory in the Cube package. Find a suitable example for your board and PHY; make it work before attempting to generate from scratch.