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Please rescue cubemx!!!

Associate III

The login function greatly affects efficiency!!!

cubemx Version 6.11.1

I just want to install the G0 pack. But I cann't login even using VPN.  My net works very well! 



So I can only download it from the official website and then install it locally.


The STM32CubeG0 was installed successfully.


Then I want to install Patch_CubeG0.


What the ***?Are you joking?



Today my boss asked me why I haven't finished writing the code. I said that the firmware package installation failed, and ST said that I had a network problem. The boss said that my ability is very poor and I should not come to work in the future.

Why is it so difficult for R&D engineers to be R&D engineers?



Pavel A.
Evangelist III

> The boss said that my ability is very poor and I should not come to work in the future.



Not sure I'd be building things in a OneDrive directory, use a real one.

For the dependency, try copying the downloaded 1.6.0 ZIP into the repo directory and renaming it slightly to match the form it's looking for.

I don't know, I'm an EE, didn't take CS, and can code without CubeMX, in HAL or whatever.

Learned VERY early not to be dependent on third-parties for things I was expected to deliver. Worked in similar situations, bosses aren't interested in excuses. Perhaps you have people who are supposed to be working in IT for you, go crack their skulls..

There's a free version of Keil for STM32 CM0(+) parts, and the .ZIP unpack with projects that can compile.

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Associate II

Yes, what's the deal with this "Connection Lost" business? We are getting this now in our office. Everything else on our network is fine. What is different about CubeMX that is causing it to be blocked?