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My own Visual "Configurator"

Hi guys!

Still live and kicking, thanks God! My fist public version was/is vscode_nucelo_l152re (totally uninspired, I am bad with naming things) that is a visual configuration tool for the Nucleo_L152RE board and generates code that uses the old SPL driver (it provided code for LL driver, but I had to avoid clashing with CubeMX). The need for this tool come from a kind of fight with STM over the ... well, old forum people might remember the "incident" and I am not here to discuss about that.

Why I am here again? Well ST Community forum is pushing these notifications from time to time, nice from their part and is also nice from my part to respond in a way or another.

What I am doing right now? I'm working on the next version of visual configurator for Nucleo boards and this time will generate code for the opencm3 driver, to "get rid of the heritage". No LL, no SPL. And available only for the Linux world. With a blog here that I should update with more up-to-date screenshots...  It will try to be a bridge between four Nucleo boards from four families: F0, L0, L1, L4, serving drivers that these families share, facilitating easy migration from a board to another, as there is also hardware compatibility. Then, this app will be followed by four more, one for each these four boards that will deal with all of the peripherals and specifics they have. If God allows this, of course, as the world is going nuts! And I don't work full time on this, so it will take time.

So, thanks for asking, ST.M., and God bless!