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How to setup gitlab ci for STM32CubeMX?


Hi guys,

I am very new to continuous integration. My company has tasked me to set up a gitlab ci for there STM32CubeMX project. They want the following:

  • A self hosted gitlab on a docker container on a machine (This I have already set up)
  • Gitlab runner on a different machine which is connected to the project on gitlab this machine will be different than the self hosted gitlab and will have windows as OS. (I have already set this up)
  • They want to have all the necessary tools installed on the windows machine which has the gitlab runner.
  • When some commit any changes to the self-hosted gitlab repository the runner should start to execute.
  • After that, the runner should run the batch file head-less.bat of the project. But this file will be in the windows with the runner and executes from there.
  • In the end, when the runner executes the job then the output should be shown on gitlab. I mean info about the build.

I want to know is this possible or not? They want all the tools for compiling and testing etc on windows machine which will have the gitlab runner. If someone did this can they help me with the steps i will be very thankful.


im about to try the same thing, did you make it @dean.avenger​ ?

Gitlab Runner works on Windows.

CubeMX and Eclipse have 'headless' mode. So you have only settle networking issues to connect the two machines.


Look at the answer here. I just added the same line in the gitlab-ci.yml file. I used the shell runner with gitlab-runner inside the targeted VM. I hope it answers your question.