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Found a bug with the latest rev of STM32CubeMX Rev 5.3.0


I just migrated to CubeMX Rev 5.3.0. I'm developing a project for the Nucleo STM32F429ZI board. My target toolchain is Keil MDK-ARM V5. I'm using mostly the LL function libraries. I'm using the latest FW_F4 V1.24.1 package.

Bug: As soon as regenerated the code using the latest CubeMX and recompiled, I soon discovered that my SysTick doesn't fire off at the correct frequency of 1KHz. I did a File Diff on my main.c source file to see what was modified in the startup code for the system clock init and I found that the following two lines of CubeMX-generated init code were now missing from the end of the SystemClock_Config function in my main.c:



I cut and pasted them back into my source code from my source backup, recompiled, and now everything works again. As this is auto-generated code, it now disappears everytime I regenerate my project code from within CubeMX.