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CubeMX 6.8.1 for F7 does not support FreeRTOS 10.3.1

Associate II

I'm porting an active application project from F4 to F7 (The customer had to change as of the problem to get F4 MCUs).

The current project that was generated with CubeMX used FreeRTOS 10.3.1 as this is the version that the CubeMX support.

Now, when I ported the project to F7 I found out that CubeMX use an older version of FreeRTOS (10.2.1).

I was able to manually upgrade to 10.3.1 but then I lose the option to keep update and generate the project code from within CubeMX.

My question is, can I somehow upgrade the version that CubeMX is using? After all, in the F4 version it is already included.